Sterilization Center Design

Sterilization equipment requirements and installation conditions:


1.Determine the equipment size (length x width x height, unit mm), does the equipment need to drop pit? We will provide design services and equipment placement location map.

2.The height of the plant is greater than 3.5m .

3.Our company is responsible for the installation of the equipment.The buyer shall be responsible for the installation of three-phase five-wire power supply, inlet and outlet pipes, explosion-proof fan and the bridge frame.

4. The installation of explosion-proof fan: The height of the central position from the ground is 600mm.

5.Equipment installation dimensions such as sterilizer positioning dimensions, frame positioning dimensions and so on shall be carried out according to the equipment placement map.

6.Sterilization area should ensure good ventilation conditions, no open smoke open fire.

7.Partition wall to be installed after the equipment is built, the use of explosion-proof partition wall treatment, to ensure the safety of operators.