Domestic sales


Sales service work


1.Warmly welcome visiting customers and telephone contact customers to understand customer needs.

2.Formulate the sterilization plan needed by the customer and answer the customer-related questions.

3.Revise the plan and sign the contract.

4.Reasonable design of equipment location map, patient communication with customers, so that customers purchase our equipment at the same time, but also smoothly place the equipment to the desired area.

5.Make sure whether the site, water, electricity and other supporting facilities are completed before shipment to ensure that the equipment can be shipped smoothly.

6.The equipment is shipped to the customer's designated place, keep in touch with the customer in time, and count the goods.

7.Pre-installation preparation, verify the reminder of pre-service preparation.

8.Timely communication with customers for the provision of information required for employment certificate.

9.After the use of the equipment, customer feedback suggestions are collated, collected and processed.





Customer cooperation



The sterilization equipment produced by our company has the highest market share among China's domestic brands, and the main customers are: